Why Should You Work With A Creative Digital Agency?

We’re going through an era where the importance of online presence is increasing every day. For businesses, it indicates that the customers are easily accessible online, and by leveraging the power of the internet, businesses can spread to all parts of the world relatively easily. But the ease of access also means that the competition is increasing rapidly, and to stay ahead in the competition, a business should always try to use tactics to win over the customers. On such circumstances, Creative Digital Agencies can be of great help.


These Creative Digital Agencies offer expertise and highly effective marketing tactics to promote the businesses online, which explains the rising popularity for such agencies. But, what does a digital marketing agency actually do? Is it worth the time and money, or can you do it yourself without hiring the agency? Let’s try to answer them.

What Do Digital Agencies Do?


What Do Digital Agencies Do?

Digital Agencies can perform all of the digital tasks for an organization, which mainly includes advertisements and digital presence for the business. The digital agencies can handle the following tasks, depending on the expertise of the agency:


Social Media Advertising & Management


In today’s world, social media plays a huge role in our everyday life. This is why businesses require a substantial social media presence and they try hard to stay relevant in the social media platforms.


Along with social media presence, businesses can easily reach out and engage with their customers. Creative Digital Agencies can handle all your social media profiles for you and can engage with your customers professionally. The Digital Agencies will also post on a regular basis with short and catchy copies that will send a definitive message to your customers.


Digital Marketing


Search Engines like Google and Bing also plays a huge role in a business’s online presence. Businesses always try to rank their advertisements higher in these search engines so that they get their customer’s attention. Digital Agencies can handle such digital marketing campaigns and choose the best keywords to target the customers looking to use the business’s products or services. These agencies also ensure that you get the best return on investment (ROI) for your advertising budget.


Website Development And Maintenance


Digital Marketing Agencies work with the customers and know your customers pretty well. With all those data, they can help develop and redesign your websites so that the websites provide a smooth experience to the visitors. This not only helps to enhance the looks of your website, but also helps to induce a greater brand value of your business.


Content Marketing And SEO


Paid Advertisements through search engines like Google can be costly, and you can have other way around to achieve the same (or better) results. This can be done by ensuring that the website/business ranks higher whenever a potential customer searches for the related keywords. Digital Marketing Agencies know exactly how to rank your website higher on the search engine page. To do this, they try to optimize the website with SEO, content marketing and blog posting. These ensure that Google knows exactly what the website is about, and this helps the website to rank higher on the search engine results page.


Measuring, Optimizing and Reporting


Digital Marketing Agencies also ensure that all of the money you spend is tracked and optimized to ensure maximum efficiency. Digital Agencies that have been in this business for a very long time have the data and expertise to plot every campaign with utmost accuracy, and this is why they can exploit Google’s algorithm to favor your business website.


Why Should You Work With A Digital Agency


Up until now, we’ve discussed all the different services that digital agencies can offer. Now, why should you work with a digital agency? Are these services truly worth your time and money? To answer this, we can look into the reasons why you should work hand-in-hand with a Creative Digital Agency that has the expertise to help scale your business.


To Stay Industry Relevant


Digital Marketing Agencies are professionals in their field of work. This means that they follow closely with the latest marketing trends on a regular basis, and try to implement them into the campaigns with utmost efficiency. It is important because doing so will ensure that your campaigns match with the latest industry standards, if not better.


Time Efficient Methods


The Digital Agencies are working with multiple other businesses, and this is why they work with utmost efficiency. Along with efficiency, Digital Agencies are highly focused on their work and tries to use effective marketing strategies to uplift the business. They use entreprise-graded software and tools in bulk to complete the daily tasks. In addition to these, digital agencies have a consistent experience dealing with versatile projects and they can find out newer and effective ways to a brand’s social media marketing needs.


Avoiding The Learning Curve


For new businesses, trying to handle all of the digital marketing by in-house marketing team may mean that the team goes through a learning curve. This includes the training period for the employees, learning time required to know which copy sells and knowing the most effective type of marketing campaign for the business. As for digital agencies, their years’ worth of experience and expertise helps the business to go about the learning curve and start effective marketing campaigns, which results in lower average costs over time.


Cutting Down Costs


When you sign a contract with a Digital Agency, you’ll find out that they charge on a monthly basis. During this time, they promise to put in a certain number of hours to achieve your digital marketing. These kind of contracts are highly cost-effective because you only pay them for the hours they put in, and this is a cheaper option than hiring an in-house team. You’ll also get professional results and expert feedback as additional benefits.


Getting Breathing Room To Focus On What Really Matters


There are two sides to a successful business – product and marketing. Whenever you have one side of your business taken care of, you can focus on what really matters to your business. By outsourcing your digital tasks to an agency, you make sure that you can focus on iterating your product, enhancing your PR, establishing a supply chain and running your business smoothly.


Working With Experts


Top Digital Agencies have highly experienced professionals who have been in this business for years. This ensures that you will be working with experts in regards to your digital marketing and digital growth, which is important to achieve effective campaigns.


Choosing The Right Agency

Choosing The Right Agency


So, we have discussed why you should work with a digital agency. But the question may arise, how should you choose a digital agency that fits your business?


In an article by Forbes, it was suggested that you keep in mind six main aspects before hiring a digital agency to work for you. These are:

Understanding your needs and your budget

Demanding full transparency

Going through the agency’s credibility

Ensuring prior industry experience

Considering client, agency and technical sides

Giving the agency a beer test


Apart from all of these, there are certain questions you (as a client) must question the agency. An article published by The Leverage Way puts 40 such questions into a single canvas which you can check out!



The digital marketing world is ever fluid, always dynamic and never dull. For businesses to cope up with this highly evolving world of ours, versatility is a must. To ensure that the business keeps up with the emergence of newer trends, the business must be ready to play ahead of the game and use digital marketing to their advantage to reach out to a wide audience effectively.


A highly creative digital agency can be of great help when a business is trying to create an impact online. They can help a business with targeted digital marketing, advertisements, brand promotions and website redesign and development.


Working with a Creative Digital Agency will ensure that you remain industry relevant while cutting down costs, using time efficient methods, work with experts and most important of all – get time to focus on developing your product or service!


Creative Digital Agencies are different from the conventional Digital Agencies because they put creativity into the table. Using this personality, they can ensure unique marketing campaigns and feature ideas that would enhance the storytelling mindset of your business. This is particularly important if you want your customers to understand that your business tries to do something out of the ordinary.


All in all, ensuring that you’re working with the right digital agency will help you to grow your business and reach out to more of your customers at once!



How To Design The Perfect Website Navigation

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

Maintaining simplicity in all aspects of life is critical. So why not maintain such simplicity in your website navigation? The overall design of a website’s navigation bar has a bigger impact on the success or failure of the website than any other factor. The navigation bar affects traffic and search engine rankings, conversions and user-friendliness. Analyzing the top websites in the search lists, you’ll find one thing in common – every single website has perfect website navigations.

In an article published by Forbes, it was clearly stated that website navigations are the single most important element in a website. So, why are the website navigations important? Let’s find out.


Why Does Website Navigation Matter?

A website navigation bar is one of the fundamental components of a website, and it surely is the most important element of a website. Not only does a perfect website navigation help us find content beyond the homepage, but it is also the go-to tool to give your users a proper sense of orientation and a well-planned website. Keeping this in mind, it is very important for you to stick to time-tested designs and usable interface. By doing so, you can give your users a comfortable time when they’re exploring through your websites and easily reference them in order to fully engage them with your content.

A research by the International Organization for Standardization stated that a website navigation gives the user a sense of brand image, presentation, system performance, functionality, assistive capabilities and interactive behavior of the whole website.

This, in turn, indicates that you can achieve higher traffic, better search engine rankings, better conversions and more user-friendliness in your website if you can implement a perfect website navigation.

So, how should you design a perfect website navigation? Let’s discuss all of the aspects that you must focus on while designing your site navigation.

Designing The Perfect Website Navigation

Up until now, we’ve discussed the importance of having a well-planned website navigation. Now, there are some things that you must keep in mind while designing a website navigation. Before we start focusing on all of the aspects that go into a perfect website navigation, let’s discuss some of the mistakes you must avoid while designing a site navigation.


Mistakes You Should Avoid

Neil Patel has pointed out many of the mistakes that most designers do when designing a website navigation. The mistakes he has pointed out are:

1. Not using standardized styles

2. Usage of generic labels

3. Unplanned dropdown menus

4. Crowding of items in the navigation

5. Inappropriate order in the navigation


When designing a navigation for your website, you should avoid these mistakes discussed above. Doing so will ensure that the customers perceive a better brand image and they’re led with useful navigation panels through the website.


The Basics to A Website Navigation

After you’ve noted all the mistakes, you can start to design a website navigation. Let’s guide you through all of the components you should take into account while designing the navigation panel.


Start With The Content

When you’re to design the navigation, you should always keep in mind of the content you’ll be having. Most prominent designers instruct people to have their website content ready before the designers start crafting the website. Jeffrey Zeldman, a usability guru, suggests, ‘Content always precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design; it’s decoration.’

When you have your contents ready beforehand, you will know exactly what you want to showcase to your visitors when they scroll through your website. In this way, you can select all the important components and establish a hierarchy for better navigation.

Plan Your Navigation

Before beginning your design, you should consider the hierarchy and properly plan your navigation. Find out all the crucial portions that your visitors might want to look in your website, and plan your navigation in the same way. Consider what you’ll be including under each navigation panel and make sure that the flow makes sense to the end user.

Do Not Overwhelm With Content

Always keep in mind, the main role of a website navigation is to guide your user through the website. If you overwhelm the navigation bar with unnecessary content, the user might find it difficult to get the items they wish to see in the website. This increases the bounce rates within the website.

It is always recommended that you opt for a website navigation that sits between four to five items. If you direly need more tabs, you should never exceed the limit of eight separate items.


Use Simple Language

While designing each navigation item, you should use precise and simple words. Never use long phrases that consume half of the screen. Limit the content of each navigation item to 12 characters (including spaces). This will keep your navigation panel simple and easily readable.


Keep Actions To The Right

People read from left to right, and we naturally expect call to action links to be on the right side. It is mainly because moving to the right seems to be moving forward. Most designers know this phenomenon and they design the navigations in such a way keeping all the call-to-action to the right side.


Responsive Navigation

This is another crucial concept. When working with your navigation panel design, you must always ensure that your navigation is well-responsive across all platforms. A study by PEW research center suggested that more than 63% of total website visits are done by smartphones, while 9% of the visits are performed by tablets. This suggests that you must have your website menu design highly responsive across all of the devices.


Some Inspiration

When designing the perfect website navigation, you need to follow some best practices. Ensuring that you know them will help you understand what exactly you must do before starting to design the framework of your navigation.
It is also recommended that you check out some of the websites that have excellent website navigations.

Telepathy has listed out 23 great examples of innovative navigation panels that you can check out. While surfing through these websites, you will find some things in common:

1. All of the websites have simplistic navigation

2. The content are well-planned

3. Simplistic wording is used

4. Content hierarchy is maintained



Website navigations are crucial components within a website. These guide your users through the website, offers all of the elements that the user may want to see and includes call-to-actions. The navigation bar affects traffic and search engine rankings, conversions and user-friendliness.

While the primary purpose of a website navigation is to guide the users through the website, the navigation panel often gives the user a sense of brand image, presentation, system performance, functionality, assistive capabilities and interactive behavior of the whole website. This is why you must put proper attention in designing a perfect website navigation that your users would love.

Before starting off, it is highly recommended that you take inspiration from top websites and be sure of the best practices while avoiding fundamental mistakes. Next, you should arrange all your content and put them into a hierarchy. This is particularly important because this will enable the users to get the content that matters to them the most. After planning your navigation, you should be sure to use simple wording and never overwhelm the navigation items with content.

Following these rules will help you in designing the perfect website navigation for your website. Want to learn more about how you can design your website? Visit our website to get more profound insights into the aspects you must consider when designing and developing your website.