Case Study

Senathi & Associates

We made sure the experience when visiting the website would increase their conversion rates as well as retention rates. We also needed to update the style to attract higher value clients. The final product would help them do just that!
Senathi & Associates is a Toronto-based accounting firm providing high-level full service accounting services to their clients. They needed to make sure their website reflected their quality of services to their clients, wanting to attract midsize to enterprise level corporations as their new clients. We were tasked with improving their online presence, streamlining their workflow using their website to make it easier for their website visitors to send confidential documents and booking new client appointments as well.


Our Approach

We took their original branded elements, and created a mood board that would help for all their future design cases. We then took those design elements and created a full custom website that would nail in those design styles into the minds of their website visitors providing a memorable experience. We made sure the client would be set up in the future for all their future design needs by having a set of guidelines they can use.

What our Clients have said about us

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