Classified Ad Management

We provide ad postings/management for ads on various platforms; Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and more. The ad posting process can be customized to clients liking, talk to us to explore the ways we can post ads on your behalf.

Market Segmentation

Track All of Your Leads

All leads generated through our digital marketing services are tracked with our BFM Leadtracker. Our BFM Leadtracker allows you to:

  • Track Lead Source
  • Track Lead City
  • Free Call Recording
  • A/B Test Different Ads
  • Email Alerts for every phone call or text message

Pricing Plan


$ 300 /per month
  • 2 Accounts
  • 2 Ads/account
  • 4 Repostings/ad
  • 16 repostings/day Total


$ 500 /per month
  • 4 Accounts
  • 2 Ads/account
  • 4 Repostings/ad
  • 32 repostings/day Total

Gold CAM

$ 800 /per month
  • 8 Accounts
  • 2 Ads/account
  • 4 Repostings/ad
  • 16 repostings/day Total

* All prices are in Canadian Dollar


How do you set up call/text tracking?

Each of your ads will have a dedicated call-routing number. That routing number will redirect to your current phone number. Clients are free to not set up call tracking or call recordings. We prefer to set it up because it helps us understand ad performance for future improvements. Without call/text tracking, we have no data about your marketing performance at all. Text Messaging directly to your phones will be possible as well with a Zapier integration. Let us know if you would like us to set that up as well.

How does payment work? Is there a contract?

Recurring Payments can be made using your debit/credit cards. Payments will be automatically taken from your cards on the day of the renewal. There are no-term contracts and clients can cancel/downgrade/upgrade packages anytime provided we are given up to a 3-day notice. We can also accept the first months’ payment through e-transfer as well.

Can I edit my content/photos halfway through?

Yes! Feel free to provide any changes to content or photos in the process. Any changes may take 1-2 business days to be live.

Where do I reach out for all support-level issues?

You can email or open a support ticket here. You can also call your designated account manager.

Let's get started on that project of yours!