Meducation Services

Meducation Services is a law firm that specializes in workplace injury compensation claims and CPP disability benefits claims. They work closely with their clients and take care of the whole claim filing process up until the claim compensation is received.


Increase brand visibility, enhance brand image and improve sales funnel. Moreover, improve social media presence and increase customer conversion rates.


The previous website of Meducation Services was very outdated, with flashy animation and the contents were too ambiguous. The client also required a new logo that correlated with the brand image of being professional law firm. The website content were not optimized for SEO, which meant that their websites would not rank in the SERPs. The UI/UX of the previous website was too gibberish, and had no real functionality to the users. Moreover, Meducation Services had their own social media profiles, but they had very little to no presence in those. This shows a big missed opportunity because most of their clients are already on social media platforms.


To solve the client’s problems, we came up with the following solutions:

  • A new logo that showcases the brand
  • A complete redesign of the website
  • Updating website content
  • Optimizing content for SEO
  • Enhanced social media presence
  • New & Fresh blog contents every week
  • Outbound Email Marketing set up

The logo was the first step in recreating the brand image of Meducation Services. The thinking behind the logo was to create a logo that indicates that our client works with the legal structure of Canada. Our first iterations of the logo used the scales used in courtrooms.

We finalized the logo with a ‘M’ as the initial alphabet of Meducation Services. The structure of the ‘M’ indicated the strong pillars of law and we included a health symbol in the junction.
The main focus was on the functionality of the website over the design, explaining our minimalistic approach.

We also ensured regular social media posting and weekly blog posting that enabled us to connect directly with the prospects for our client.

We also set up an outbound emailing system by listing out a long list of prospects who’d be interested in the service that Meducation Services provide and then offering them the services through email. Such outbound email marketing brings in high ROI and requires minimal expense.

Meducation Services was very satisfied with our services and have been continuing to take digital marketing and outbound email packages.

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