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Osuji & Smith is a law office run by talented lawyers dealing with employment law, family law, real estate, will, personal injury, civil litigation, and immigration law. They’re one of the largest and prestigious law firms in Alberta.


Improve Osuji & Smith’s online presence, help their website come up higher in the search engine results page, improve social media presence and increase the brand image and number of leads observed from online.


Although Osuji & Smith is a very popular law firm, their online presence was close to nothing. They had a website, but it was poorly designed.

Their website had quite a lot of blog posts written previously; those weren’t SEO optimized. This made it hard to rank their website on the first page of SERPs.

They had minimal social media presence and people looking for law firms weren’t being suggested Osuji & Smith Lawyers.


At first, we had to redesign their website. To do this, we used the first-principles methodology to break down all the functionalities and used design thinking principles to design a better UI/UX for the website. We made sure that people who’d visit their websites would be blown away by the professionalism portrayed by their website.

As for their previous blog posts, we had to edit each and every one of them to make them SEO optimized. We fixed alternate text in images, meta descriptions, SEO titles and the bodies of the blogs.

Moreover, we had to write high quality and engaging content that resonates with the readers and helps with the SEO. To do this, we identified their focus keywords in their industry and analyzed those with their competitors. Then we took the keywords with very little competition into account and decided on the topics of blogs that we’d write and keywords we would target.

We also set up all of their social media accounts and ensured that we post at least 2 custom posts every week and share one of their blogs per week basis. This ensured them to get more exposure.

Osuji & Smith Lawyers are very happy with our deliverables and our service; they’re still continuing to take blog posts and social media management for 8 months and running!

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