Reginos Pizza

Regions Pizza is one of the leading Pizza franchises in the Greater Toronto Area with 14 locations currently. They provide fresh pizzas with high-quality ingredients at very affordable rates. They have been in the business since 1998, and have a very loyal customer base.


Improving the aesthetics of their restaurants, including their menu cards, flyers, interior & exterior stickers, social media post designs and pizza boxes.


The main challenge during our work for Reginos Pizza was their outdated marketing materials, which we had to recreate. Their logo looked unprofessional, and used the trend from years back. Their menu cards were not updated, whilst they had very little visual appeal for customers to enter.

Their previous flyer was designed without keeping readability in mind, and they had no digital menu signs for attracting customers.

Reginos didn’t have proper social media presence and the few posts they posted were designed very poorly.


We had to recreate most of their outdated marketing materials using the latest trends that enhance the visual appeal of their restaurants while enhancing aesthetics. Customers had to feel that they came to a high-end place, so we had to think a lot about the psychology of the customers while doing our redesigning work.

For that, we had to design and redesign the following:

  • Flyer
  • Stickers
  • Interior Signs
  • Menu Card
  • Wall Hangers
  • Digital Menu Sign
  • Exterior Signs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Stickers
  • Pizza Box

During our design process, the main thinking was we wanted a design grounded in realism. Hence we went for a realistic design using a wooden table as a background and having using the real images of all the pizzas.

For the flyer, we wanted to show one of Reginos’s delicious pizzas on a table surrounded by other toppings. Beside it, you can see the Reginos logo on a tissue paper. This is done to create a seamless flow of the continuity of the realistic design. The main intention was to have a really catchy composition on the outer side and highlight their main promotions.

On the inside page, the rest of the menu was displayed. We meant to have that information as cleanly and neatly as possible so that it is easy for the consumers to clearly read all the numerous information there.

Our interior signs and digital menu signs were made to attract customers. We used the color palette for the logo to create a fantastic feeling for the customers.

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