Time 2 Shine is a specialized car interior and exterior design and enhancements. They work with auto detailing, paint correction, zaino wax, headlight restoration, tire sales & services, and oil change services in their shop.


Improve Time2Shine’s brand image and appearance, along with enhancing website conversions and offline branding.


Although Time2Shine had a website, most of the content was backdated and mostly was redundant. The content had very little to know value, and the visuals of the website wasn’t well thought out. Time2Shine didn’t have a logo, and all its branding materials contained a text-based one. They also had no business card and/or flyer, reducing their scopes of marketing.


To create an awesome brand image and appearance, we created them a new logo that embodies their brand. To come up with the idea for the logo, we dived deeper into their business and their sense of purpose. Our main thinking was to visually illustrate how Time2Shine brings out the shine out of the cars. This explains why the logo has a silhouette of a car which a slight glimmer.

While creating their website, we emphasized usability and functionality over extensive designs. This was the reason for opting for a minimalistic design with a dark color theme.

For the fonts, we wanted a rounded but rectangular fonts to capture the sleek and elegance of the masterpieces. That’s the reason behind using the Rajdhani font.

The business cards and flyers were created with the same thoughts in mind – encompassing the brand as a whole.

Time2Shine was really happy with the logo, website, business cards and flyers that we did. They were so impressed that they gave us another project of creating and installing custom signage!

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