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A brand style guide provides the full branding essentials for a small business. Keeping your brand consistent requires a lot more than a logo. We provide a booklet that will include your logo, typography, tone, imaging styles, icons, brand collateral, and much more. BlueFlower Media is a Toronto based digital agency that prides itself on its ability to create brands that connect with their target demographics.

Mission & Vision

The brand style guide portrays a lot about the brand; it has to align with the mission & vision statements. We make sure that customers get the idea once they look at your brand!

Target Audience

When creating a brand style guide, we analyze the target audience the brand wants to communicate with and we try to optimize the style for them. This helps in better brand acceptance.


It doesn’t matter if your brand is sophisticated or quirky, classic or trendy - we can handle each and every brand personality in its unique style!


We take into account the guiding principles in the company to create a brand image that portrays the values of the brand.


When creating the brand style guide, we put a lot of emphasis on crafting a memorable brand. This is why our brand style guides are unique, creative and simple!


Brand style guides speak a lot of the brand; we must ensure that these are meaningful to the customers!

At it's Best.

All great brands make you feel a certain way. Understanding the emotions your business would like to provoke helps us create the perfect brand for you. This is why we research design elements, symbols, and industry trends to outline the steps required to design your brand. Make your customers remember your business!

What’s In a Brand Style Guide?


A logo is considered to be the most influencial piece of any business, and it portrays a brand image of a business. A well-designed and simplistic logo always helps a business to be easily recognized by the users and/or customers.

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A typeface is also synonymous to a brand. The typeface used in a company’s marketing materials should always be the same so that the company retains consistency.

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Color Styles

The colors used by a company also portrays a story to the customers, so it is essential that businesses always use a particular color style for all of the marketing materials. A color style can attract the attention of your customers, so it is highly necessary that you stick to a specified color style and use it in all of your company’s operation - logo, website and print materials!

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Our Brand Style Guide Process

Step 01


Clarifying business structure, goal, vision and values. Getting to know about the business personality, and the brand value it is trying to achieve. Details are the key to a great logo, so be as specific and detailed as you can!

Step 02


After knowing the brand you want to portray, we start looking at all the internal and external aspects. These play an important role in determining the brand image you want to portray.

Step 03


Once we’re done collecting motivation, we put everything down into a piece of paper and try to design the brand image. During this time, we try to assess some of the other prominent startups and try to design the image accordingly.

Step 04


All great brands tell a story - and yours is no exception. We can find you a way in which you can define your company’s mission & vision and convey a definitive message to your targeted customers.

Step 05


Once we’ve planned and re-defined our strategy as to how to approach the brand image, we come up with a solid framework for our operation. We follow a step-by-step method and ensure that we’re achieving high standards of the brand image.

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Having an offshore office, we’re able to cut our costs by half! This helps us to charge lower than most digital marketing agencies!

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At BlueFlower Media, we have a team of highly talented designers & developers who’re expert at web design, website development, print designs and more!

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For first-time clients, we require a deposit prior to starting the work. We then breakdown the project into milestones that require payment upon completion of each milestone. For recurring clients, we only require a payment upon completion of the milestone or project. 

This will differ from hiring a dedicated designer where we require the full payment of their design prior to starting their hired period.

Absolutely! We understand your desire to protect your intellectual property. Talk to us to arrange this.

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Want to get started?

Talk to us about your digital business problems, and we'll find the perfect solution for you. We offer phone, video conference, and in person support for all of our clients.