Graphic Design

A picture tells a thousand words, let your brand tell it’s own story

Design is one the biggest contributing factors to your bottom line. Our team makes sure your brand is brought to life by making sure brand’s visual identity speaks volume. We prove the integrity of the cliche ‘a picture tells a 100 words’.

Whether it’s company’s logo or your companies flyer, we captivate their attention with appealing designs.

What we offer

Expert design, development, and marketing services done like never before!

Brand Strategy

Design & Advertising



We go into a deep dive and get really intimate with your business personality. At this stage we gather all the details we’d require to make sure every piece of visual has your business’s identity.



Now that we know who your business is, it’s time for some research into your industry, targeted demographics, competitors and their design styles. This helps us not only stay on-top of what you should be doing, but it helps us identify the best execution to make you stand out!


Sketch & Design

Now it’s time to take all the details and ideas we gathered and go to the drawing board – We sketch our ideas to reality. During this stage we create mockups to visualize the use cases of the design



At the end of the day, you know your client the best, our work is symbiotic with yours. That’s why we take your feedback as a principle to our design process. We love to hear the necessary adjustments you need, we’re not stopping until we’ve hit the spot.


Revision & Submission

Post Revision – We prepare and provide the source files for your designs you need for all future use cases.

We'd rather show, then tell

The BlueFlower Difference

Working with us is different from working with your average agency. Ask our 100+ clients that have been active with us for over 3 years. We are committed to building custom solutions to help streamline growth for our clients. Here is why you will want to work with us:

Top Talent

We hire the best of the best so you can receive amazing results.

Collaborate Clearly

Our Project Feedback tool allows you to simply leave feedback for all design and website updates. Click here to learn more.

Client Centric

Talk to us about your preferred working method. We try to accommodate our clients to the best of our abilities.

Agile & Adaptive

We work quickly, and can make adjustments to projects based on whatever may come up.

Data Driven

We try to understand the numbers behind your website traffic & marketing efforts to improve them each month. Click here to learn more.

Superb Support

We provide phone/email/text support Monday through Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Reaching us is easy!


Our company needs a design on an ongoing basis, can we have a monthly retainer where you provide all of our design services?

Yes! We work with many industries that need ongoing consistent design. Whether you are a printing company that needs an outsourced designer, a publisher that needs layout design, a realtor that needs consistent promotional materials, we have you covered! You can hire a dedicated designer for the amount of time you require. You get access to the designer for live collaborations, all source files, and much more. Talk to us to learn more about how we can accommodate your specific needs.

How will I receive my design files once it is completed?

Once the design is completed, we will send you the vector files (.ai, .eps, .svg). If the design work is meant to be printed, we will send you the print-ready .pdf file with your given bleed/trim settings. If you have specific file type/size requirements for your specific use cases, please let us know, we can provide you the exact file type/size you need.

Do I own my design once it is completed?

Yes! All design assets, photos, videos created for you will be your intellectual property upon completion. We reserve the right to use your design work in our portfolio unless otherwise mentioned in the proposal based on your discretion.

How do I check the progress of my design work?

We will send you design updates using our project feedback system. You can comment on any revision requests/feedback you have in our system. We will then send you the updated files based on your feedback.

Do I have to pay a deposit prior to starting the project?

Yes, we require a minimum 50% deposit on most design projects. Design work below $300 will need to be paid in full prior to starting. Design projects over $5000 can be paid in more than 2 installments. Talk to us about your specific requirements, and we can give you the precise price and payment timeline for your project.

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