Logo Design Service

Your Logo is the face of your business. It's the first impression that connects to your customers, intriguing them, drawing them in, and making them comfortable.

Pixel Perfect

Our expert team of designers keep a close attention to details; you can be assured of the design projects being pixel perfect.

Brand Centric

At BlueFlower Media, we put huge emphasis on brand-centric design to make sure customers perceive a higher brand image when they look at the designs.

Audience Targeted

When working with our web design projects, we analyze the audience that the brand is targeting and optimize our designs to them. This ensures better acceptability and better overall performance.

Unique Design

Creativity is what we’re best at. This is why you can be sure that we’d deliver designs that are unique and attention-grabbing!


One of the most important aspects of web design is brand memorability. To facilitate this, we keep our designs simple and relevant.


Whether it be a social media post, website post or just a poster, our designs can be used anywhere and everywhere that you like!

Your .

The first step in designing a brand that reflects your company is to truly understand your company, your company’s values, and how you want your company to be remembered. Tell us about your company, its history, and any other vital information to give us a better idea of what kind of logo would be perfect for you.

Logo Design based on your specific use cases.

Ask yourself, “Where is my logo going to be used?” Will it be printed on shirts, wrapped on a car, etc. Knowing the different use cases of your logo will impact the design to accommodate those use cases. Talk to us about your specific needs and we can accommodate them when we design your logo.

Our Logo Design Process

Step 01


Clarifying business structure, goal, vision and values. Getting to know about the business personality, and the brand value it is trying to achieve. Details are the key to a great logo, so be as specific and detailed as you can!

Step 02


After clarifying about your needs, we research your industry, targeted demographics, competitors and their design approaches. We also try to extract motivation from similar logos, which ensures that our logos are on point!

Step 03

Sketch & Design

Once we do proper research, we sketch some of our ideas, and design those into reality. We try to bring up as many sketches and primary designs as possible, ensuring that you are left with a number of choices from which you can choose your logo from.

Step 04


When the primary designs have been made, we’ll have it sent back to you. You can choose one, or give us feedback on your actual needs.

Step 05

Revision & Submission

After our designs have been approved by you (our client), we revise the logo and create a sharable file. Then, we submit our work in a systematic and/or formal folder.

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Talk to us about your digital business problems, and we'll find the perfect solution for you. We offer phone, video conference, and in person support for all of our clients.

Logo Design Package

Our packages simplify our pricing breakdown. You can always feel free to contact us for a specific quote for your specific needs.

Standard Package



  • 30 Minute Logo Consultation
  • 2 Custom Concepts
  • 2 Design Revisions
  • Live Custom Changes with Designer (1 Hour)
  • Multiple Logo Versions (Black & White, Favicon, etc.)
  • All Original Source Files
  • 5 Day Turnaround Time (Concepts)
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Advanced Package



  • 30 Minute Logo Consultation
  • 3 Custom Concepts
  • 4 Design Revisions
  • 2 Live Custom Changes with Designer (1 Hour)
  • Multiple Logo Versions (Black & White, Favicon, etc.)
  • All Original Source Files
  • 5 Day Turnaround Time (Concepts)
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  • Serious about your logo? We work with our clients closely in the research stages, creating brand elements, creating photoshop renderings and much more. Talk to us today to learn about our custom logo design services for enterprise companies.
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Affordable Services

Having an offshore office, we’re able to cut our costs by half! This helps us to charge lower than most digital marketing agencies!

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Global Reach

Our services are catered to businesses all over the world, we're breaking the boundaries of our services available worldwide!

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Live Collaboration

To make sure that all of your requirements are fulfilled, our team will get back to you via live collaboration and discuss your custom needs!

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Experienced Team

At BlueFlower Media, we have a team of highly talented designers & developers who’re expert at web design, website development, print designs and more!

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Yes, provide us your source files for your existing brand; logos, brand elements, etc. We will work with your company to create future designs that are consistent with what you already have.

Simply put, no. We do not print anything ourselves but we do work with local printers to source your print needs. You are more than welcome to provide your own printer for us to work with.

We have two different pricing models for our design services. The pricing model will depend on your project/needs. 

  1. Project Based Pricing. You tell us about your project, we define a scope for the project and give a price accordingly. 
  2. Hourly Pricing. This pricing model works for companies that might have a lot of different mini-projects and want to get as much done as possible within their time constraints. In this case, you would be hiring a dedicated designer for a specific time. A minimum of 5 hours will apply. 

We always offer a free, no-obligation quote to give you a better idea of what your project involves. Feel free to let us know about any budget constraints you may have.

Yes! We work with many industries that need ongoing consistent design. Whether you are a printing company that needs an outsourced designer, a publisher that needs layout design, a realtor that needs consistent promotional materials, we have you covered! You can hire a dedicated designer for the amount of time you require. You get access to the designer for live collaborations, screenshots of their screen every 10 minutes, and all source files. Talk to us to learn more.

For first-time clients, we require a deposit prior to starting the work. We then breakdown the project into milestones that require payment upon completion of each milestone. For recurring clients, we only require a payment upon completion of the milestone or project. 

This will differ from hiring a dedicated designer where we require the full payment of their design prior to starting their hired period.

Absolutely! We understand your desire to protect your intellectual property. Talk to us to arrange this.

What Our Clients Say

Want to get started?

Talk to us about your digital business problems, and we'll find the perfect solution for you. We offer phone, video conference, and in person support for all of our clients.