Social Media Marketing & Management Service

Social Media has revolutionized the marketing world. Now, 3 Billion people are active and accessible on various social media platforms. Now you can reach potential prospects/customers where they spend the most time! Growing your brand on social media, actively targeting your ideal demographic, providing valuable content will all help you drive brand awareness, engagement and most importantly, sales.

Our Social Media Management Service comes with

Content Writing

You can’t have a great social presence without great content. We write engaging content for your ideal demographic providing informational, passionate, and share worthy content.

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Graphic Design/Imaging

Great Content requires great design. We design custom posts, edit photos, create illustrations that go along with your content.

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Content Management

We organize our social media management with various tools. You get to see posts before they get uploaded, along with the date and time of each posting.

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Advertising Management

We manage your social media advertising campaigns. With all the different social platforms and different forms of advertising within each platform, navigating the dierent options and directing advertising spend for you social media management is crucial.

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Our Social Media Management Process

Step 01


After clarifying your needs, we research your industry, targeted demographics, competitors and their design approaches. We also try to extract inspiration from similar logos, which ensures that our logos are on point!

Step 02


Once we’re done collecting inspiration, we put everything down into a piece of paper and try to design the brand image. During this time, we try to assess some of the other prominent startups and try to design the image accordingly.

Step 03


Create a checklist for the marketing plan, with a set of time based deliverables.

Step 04


We provide monthly reports to show progress of social media management with valuable data showing progress and insights for future adjustments.

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Talk to us about your digital business problems, and we'll find the perfect solution for you. We offer phone, video conference, and in person support for all of our clients.

Why you should work with

Affordable Services

Having an offshore office, we’re able to cut our costs by half! This helps us to charge lower than most digital marketing agencies!

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Global Reach

Our services are catered to businesses all over the world, we're breaking the boundaries of our services available worldwide!

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Live Collaboration

To make sure that all of your requirements are fulfilled, our team will get back to you via live collaboration and discuss your custom needs!

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Experienced Team

At BlueFlower Media, we have a team of highly talented designers & developers who’re expert at web design, website development, print designs and more!

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Still got questions? Find out relevant answers from the Frequently Asked Questions given below! For further queries, contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Social Media management works for most businesses in most industries. These are the industries we highly recommend social media management for; 

  • Lifestyle & Travel
  • Health & Fitness
  • Entertainment 
  • Beauty 
  • Restaurants/Bars 
  • Real Estate 
  • Retail & Fashion 
  • Events
  • Education 
  • Marketing

We recommend social media marketing for other industries as well. Your business will need to connect with people through design, humour, tone, and much more. Talk to us to learn more.

If you already have your social accounts set up, we can remove our setup fee. We do make sure your accounts are set up properly and that the integrations with your website are functioning.

Prior to starting your social campaigns, we identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). This may include followers, website visitors, newsletter signups, form submissions, sales, etc. We will track these from the very beginning to track the progress of your campaigns.

For first-time clients, we require a deposit prior to starting the work. We then breakdown the project into milestones that require payment upon completion of each milestone. For recurring clients, we only require a payment upon completion of the milestone or project. 

This will differ from hiring a dedicated designer where we require the full payment of their design prior to starting their hired period.

Absolutely! We understand your desire to protect your intellectual property. Talk to us to arrange this.

What Our Clients Say

Want to get started?

Talk to us about your digital business problems, and we'll find the perfect solution for you. We offer phone, video conference, and in person support for all of our clients.