Case Study

Zac Mathews & Associates

Zac Mathews & Associates is a reputable firm providing certified bookkeeping and accounting services in Ontario, Canada. They specialize in simplifying complex processes and guiding businesses through the setup and operation of successful ventures. BlueFlower Media, a trusted digital agency, was engaged by Zac Mathews & Associates to enhance their online presence and effectively market their services to a wider audience.

Background Of The Business


Zac Mathews & Associates recognized the importance of leveraging digital platforms to expand their client base and provide their specialized accounting services to businesses in Ontario. Their aim was to position themselves as trusted experts in bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning, and business advisory services.


Enhance brand recognition and establish Zac Mathews & Associates as a trusted authority in the accounting industry in Ontario. Showcase their range of services, including bookkeeping and accounting, corporate and personal tax planning, business advisory services, and personal real estate corporation assistance.


Comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses, helping them maintain accurate financial records and make informed decisions.Strategic advice and guidance on various aspects of business operations, including financial planning, budgeting, cash flow management, and profitability analysis.

Strategy For The Project

Design Process

BlueFlower Media initiated the project by conducting a thorough analysis of Zac Mathews & Associates’ target audience, their needs, and the competitive landscape. Based on this understanding, they developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website design that reflected the professionalism, trustworthiness, and expertise of the firm. The design focused on easy navigation, clear communication of services, and an overall aesthetic that instilled confidence in potential clients.

Strategy Overview

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): BlueFlower Media conducted thorough keyword research to optimize the website’s content and structure. They implemented on-page and technical SEO strategies, ensuring that Willing Law’s website appeared prominently in relevant search engine results.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): To enhance the visibility of Willing Law’s services in search engine results, BlueFlower Media implemented a well-structured PPC campaign. They carefully selected relevant keywords, created compelling ad copy, and optimized landing pages to drive traffic and generate leads.

Results Of The Project

The collaborative efforts between BlueFlower Media and Zac Mathews & Associates yielded exceptional results, significantly improving the firm's digital presence and overall business growth.

Increased Website Traffic

Through effective SEO and content marketing strategies, Zac Mathews & Associates experienced a substantial increase in website traffic. Their improved visibility in search engine rankings and the creation of valuable content attracted a larger audience of businesses seeking bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services.

Lead Generation and Conversion

BlueFlower Media’s targeted PPC campaigns and optimized landing pages generated a significant increase in high-quality leads. The clear call-to-actions and user-friendly forms on the website facilitated a higher conversion rate, transforming website visitors into potential clients.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

The comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including social media marketing and content creation, helped establish Zac Mathews & Associates as a trusted authority in the accounting industry in Ontario. The firm’s online presence became more prominent, with increased engagement and a growing community of followers on social media platforms.