Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Creative Powerhouse Unleashed: Explore the Synergy of Our Dedicated Experts Committed to Your Growth

Noman Hossain

Founder & CEO

Vitalii Zurov

Business Developer

Alex Rozario

Senior Software Developer

Mayowa Ajakaiye

Account Manager

Mizan Hossain

Senior Graphic Designer

Forhad Uddin

Marketing Specialist

Shanto Raihan

WordPress Developer

Muhammad Afaq

Junior Developer

Shibber Hossain

Marketing Specialist

Faiyaj Hossain

Marketing Specialist

Christian Ramoso

Project Manager

Avi Jackob

Support Manager

Mohammad Tawhid

Graphic Designer

Fahim Hossain

Graphic Designer

Al Mamun

UI/UX Designer

Sazzad Mahmud

UX, Web & Systems Architect

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