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Good things come in great packaging - we take you through your packaging design journey - from concept to shelf!

A consistent brand identity starts with a strong logo design.

Design is one the biggest contributing factors to your bottom line.

Our team makes sure your brand is brought to life by making sure brand’s visual identity speaks volume. We prove the integrity of the cliche ‘a picture tells a 100 words’. Whether it’s company’s logo or your companies flyer, we captivate their attention with appealing designs.

Make Your Product Stand Out: Captivating Packaging Designs that Demand Attention

Packaging design plays a critical yet often underrated role in the success of your product. It’s not just about creating a pretty decoration, but a powerful tool that can make or break your business. Good packaging design can help you stand out from the competition, appeal to your target audience, and build a brand that customers can visually and emotionally connect with. With the right packaging design, you can turn a mere product into a visual masterpiece that captures the attention of customers, evokes emotions, and ultimately drives sales. At BlueFlower Media, we understand the importance of packaging design and work closely with you to create a design that reflects your brand and captures the hearts and minds of your target audience


The packaging should complement the product’s identity while also being tailored to fit the product’s size, shape, and function.

Brand identity

The logo, color scheme, and general tone and style of the brand should all be reflected in the packaging design.

Target audience

The target audience’s preferences, wants, and expectations should be considered in the design, along with elements like age, gender, lifestyle, and shopping interests.

Packaging materials

The look, feel, and sustainability of the packaging design can all be influenced by the choice of packaging materials.

Our Working


We go into a deep dive and get really intimate with your business personality. At this stage we gather all the details we’d require to make sure every piece of visual has your business’s identity.


Now that we know who your business is, it’s time for some research into your industry, targeted demographics, competitors and their design styles. This helps us not only stay on-top of what you should be doing, but it helps us identify the best execution to make you stand out!

Sketch & Design

Now it’s time to take all the details and ideas we gathered and go to the drawing board – We sketch our ideas to reality. During this stage we create mockups to visualize the use cases of the design


At the end of the day, you know your client the best, our work is symbiotic with yours. That’s why we take your feedback as a principle to our design process. We love to hear the necessary adjustments you need, we’re not stopping until we’ve hit the spot.

Revision & Submission

Post Revision – We prepare and provide the source files for your designs you need for all future use cases.

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