About Us

We make digital growth simple for small businesses. We consult with you to understand what stage your business is at, what digital problems you are currently facing and how we can structure the scaling of your business into understandable steps with realistic timelines.

We are a Toronto based digital agency specializing in creating, improving, and managing your digital footprints. We work with clients from the ground up - from brainstorming branding concepts to developing and launching projects for mass market use. With an emphasis on user experience, we make your website/app intuitive and accessible to all your clients. We do all of our work in house with our team of experts.

Our History

Noman Hossain started BlueFlower Media as a web design freelancer providing website design services to small businesses in the city of Toronto.
March, 2017

BlueFlower Media hires its first in-house graphic designer. The team is growing!

February, 2018

BlueFlower Media opens a second office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. BlueFlower Media team grows to 5. 

January, 2019

BlueFlower Media releases its digital marketing solutions; monthly subscriptions of managed service + software. 

March, 2020

BlueFlower Media raises its first private investment and moves into new Toronto location.

July, 2020

BlueFlower Media has 20 employees in 3 countries + 100+ clients subscribed to monthly BFM Marketing Packages.

October, 2020

Why us?

Feel the Power of BlueFlower!

Top Talent

We hire the best of the best so you can receive amazing results.

Collaborate Clearly

Our Project Feedback tool allows you to simply leave feedback for all design and website updates. Click here to learn more.

Client Centric

Talk to us about your preferred working method. We try to accommodate our clients to the best of our abilities.

Agile & Adaptive

We work quickly, and can make adjustments to projects based on whatever may come up.

Data Driven

We try to understand the numbers behind your website traffic & marketing efforts to improve them each month. Click here to learn more.

Superb Support

We provide phone/email/text support Monday through Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Reaching us is easy!

Our Values


From perfecting our crafts to the collaboration it takes to succeed, we are passionate about what we do and the results we bring to our clients.


We go the extra mile for our clients. Regardless of your project budget, we put your best interests first so that we can become long-term partners.


We want you to understand the different options you have and the pros and cons of each. Having realistic expectations will help you organize your business goals.


Mastering a craft in technology is a lifelong process as technology is constantly changing. We are committed to bettering ourselves on a daily basis.


What our lovely clients have to say about us

BlueFlower Media created my e-commerce website for my artwork from scratch. In a short period of time the website was up and working with great visuals and smooth functionality for visitors. Staff are friendly, flexible and the project was completed on budget. I recommend them.

CT Paintings

Blueflower Media has been a pleasure to work with, helping us rebuild our website and restructure our digital presence. Very patient and cooperative, Noman helped us construct a site that matched up to our specific expectations. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for branding/web-design services for realistic prices!


What a talented group of next-gen creative minds can do for your business. They put it in the spotlight with an exciting website with eye-captivating visuals and contents and give you the tools that can conquer the world of your business - these nerds are creative, neat, very intimidating, cool and always evolving...they are BlueFlowerMedia - peace of mind guaranteed.

India Journal

I have been utilizing Blueflower Media to support my business Provincial Site Services. The campaign that was initiated has brought great gains to the business, I cannot thank them enough.

Steven Gamsby

These guys are wonderful at their job. They did an amazing job for my website. Noman has been very helpful throughout the whole process as he would contact me every step of the way and keep me included, also ask for my input and work around it. They finished my website within a week and it turned out really nice and professional. I would 100% recommend these guys for your next project they know what they’re doing and they are very professional. I am really impressed. Looking forward to more projects together!

Aero Group

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