About Us

We make digital growth simple for small businesses. We consult with you to understand what stage your business is at, what digital problems you are currently facing and how we can structure the scaling of your business into understandable steps with realistic timelines.

We are a Toronto based digital agency specializing in creating, improving, and managing your digital footprints. We work with clients from the ground up - from brainstorming branding concepts to developing and launching projects for mass market use. With an emphasis on user experience, we make your website/app intuitive and accessible to all your clients. We do all of our work in house with our team of experts.

Creating design for smartphone users


Noman Hossain started BlueFlower Media as a web design freelancer providing website design services to small businesses in the city of Toronto.
March, 2017

BlueFlower Media hires its first in-house graphic designer. The team is growing!

February, 2018

BlueFlower Media opens a second office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. BlueFlower Media team grows to 5. 

January, 2019

BlueFlower Media releases its digital marketing solutions; monthly subscriptions of managed service + software. 

March, 2020

BlueFlower Media raises its first private investment and moves into new Toronto location.

July, 2020

BlueFlower Media has 20 employees in 3 countries + 100+ clients subscribed to monthly BFM Marketing Packages.

October, 2020

Our Values


From perfecting our crafts to the collaboration it takes to succeed, we are passionate about what we do and the results we bring to our clients.


We want you to understand the different options you have and the pros and cons of each. Having realistic expectations will help you organize your business goals.


We go the extra mile for our clients. Regardless of your project budget, we put your best interests first so that we can become long-term partners.


Mastering a craft in technology is a lifelong process as technology is constantly changing. We are committed to bettering ourselves on a daily basis.

What our clients say about us

Why you should work with BlueFlower Media ?

We are a full service agency connecting the dots between design, development, and digital marketing for your small to mid-sized businesses. Our in-house team of amazing designers, developers, marketers, bring efficient results-driven progress.


We have a lot of experience working for various industries making our processes more efficiently streamlined.


We understand and respect your budget. Our goal is to provide you the best value for your budget and can provide multiple options for various price points to give you a better understanding of your options.


Communicate with us in a wide variety of ways. Your account manager/project manager can work with your team within your preferred communication channels. Also, all of our design/dev work is presented to with your live feedback portal allowing you to easily leave comments for each section.

Global Reach

Most of our work is purely digital. Work with us from anywhere in the world!

Let's get started on that project of yours!