Outbound Email Marketing

Connect with your ideal customers. Our outbound marketing provides personalized interactions led by real humans. We target prospects that fit a criteria given to us by clients with their set filters for job titles, company size, number of employees, location and much more.

Reading e-mails

Outbound Email Marketing is great for B2B companies looking to build connections with the businesses that can drive their business. Talk to us to learn about how Outbound Email Marketing can help your business.

Pricing Plan


$ 650 /per month
  • 1500 Prospects Data
  • Up to 4 different target markets
  • MailShake Setup
  • Up to 4 Different Outreach scripts with 4 follow-up scripts


$ 950 /per month
  • 3000 Prospects Data
  • Up to 8 different target markets
  • MailShake Setup
  • Up to 8 Different Outreach scripts with 8 follow-up scripts


$ 1400 /per month
  • 6000 Prospects Data
  • Up to 8 different target markets
  • MailShake Setup
  • Up to 8 Different Outreach scripts with 8 follow-up scripts

* All prices are in Canadian Dollar


What is the Outbound Email Marketing Process?

First, you tell us about your business and the prospects you would like to target. We then categorize prospects based on their filters; Job titles, industries, company size, company headquarters location, tags, etc. We then tell you the total number of potential prospects that can be scraped. The total number of potential prospects will help you understand the market size and what plan you may want to go with. Once the plan is selected and confirmed, we then start scraping data for your chosen prospects. Data scraping can take from 1 – 5 days depending on the package and target markets selected. At this time we would also prepare the initial email/follow-up email scripts.

Once the data is all scraped, we would schedule the initial email sends. The volume of emails scheduled will depend on your email history. This can be from 30 – 300/day from one email account.

How does payment work? Is there a contract?

Recurring Payments can be made using your debit/credit cards. Payments will be automatically taken from your cards on the day of the renewal. There are no-term contracts and clients can cancel/downgrade/upgrade packages anytime provided we are given up to a 3-day notice. We can also accept the first months’ payment through e-transfer as well.

Where do I reach out for all support-level issues?

You can email support@blueflowermedia.com or open a support ticket here. You can also call/email your designated account manager.

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