Senathi & Associates

Senathi & Associates, Chartered Professional Accountants, is a leading mid-sized audit, tax and advisory firm located in Toronto, Ontario. They’re an accounting firm committed to providing their clients with a wide range of services including taxation, assurance and accounting, and business consulting.


Creating a professional looking brand image, along with an easily recognizable logo, exceptional UI/UX and high functionality of the website. The sales funnel and conversion ratios had to be developed and the overall theme had to be aligned with what they do – accounting services.


While working with the website for Senathi & Associates, we had to make sure we make it very simple while keeping a lot of content – most of which were their services. The structuring of the website was quite complex, and incorporating all of the intended functionality required a deep planning.


To create an unparalleled brand image, we had to start from scratch. This meant that we had to design a strong and easily recognizable logo for them. Our main aim was to design a minimalistic logo that portrayed their brand. This was the concept behind us choosing their initials for the logo.

In order for us to bring the professionalism to the logo, we had to use softer colors into their color palette. To create a smaller footprint, we decided to put the A on the S without making it look bad. Pointy edges, too, contributed to the feel of professionalism throughout the logo.

After the logo was complete, we focused on the website. As mentioned earlier, we had to create a minimalistic website with high functionality. The website had to look highly professional, and the website must be self-explanatory and very simple.

For this, we decided to put the main header to the right side under the hamburger menu. Moreover, a mix of simple animations were added to give a bit more life into the website. The fonts were chosen to be a bit quirky but easily readable.

The overall project was dealt with high professionalism and we thought out the whole customer funnel process to better optimize their website for conversions. Once Senathi & Associates launched their website, their business saw a growth of almost 300% in the first quarter.

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