7 Ways to Use Twitter for E-Commerce Marketing

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Are your e-commerce sales are not as high as it should be? Are you looking for a way to drive more sales? Are you looking for creating a whole new brand value for your e-commerce business? Well, you should consider Twitter more seriously than ever.

Twitter brings a whole new opportunity to promote e-commerce marketing. The opportunity for you to expand your business on Twitter is endless. Because Twitter users are more engaging than any other social media users.

Statistics show that Twitter users are likely to shop online 6.9 times per month where non-users shop 4.3 times only. 

So, you are getting very active users on Twitter. As this platform is very interactive and user friendly, the conversion ratio is higher than usual too.  So, without furthur ado, let’s discuss what you can use Twitter for successful e-commerce marketing.

Building Interest

Nowadays, you can see that almost every e-commerce business has a Twitter page. But. if you look closely, you’ll see that most of these pages are not very active and serve seemingly no purpose. It’s almost used as an ornament.

But, the potential of Twitter in e-commerce marketing is huge. To achieve that, you have to give a minimum effort.  You can’t expect that by posting some random tweets, photos, and videos, you are going to attract customers.

Before employing any special technique, you need to ensure that you are making your activities interesting and to the point. You shouldn’t post any mundane photos or videos. The viewers may have a very negative impression on your brand.

Use Your Niche Hashtag Wisely 

A hashtag can be very powerful to draw more audience to your Twitter. It’s a great way to build your Twitter presence. To use the hashtag, you need to remember two things-

  • Follow the trendy hashtag
  • Create your own hashtag

You should research the trendy hashtag for your e-commerce business. In that way, you can attract new users to your Twitter account. 

You can also create your unique hashtag for your e-commerce business. If you can make your hashtag popular, you’ll manage to create more brand value.

Engage Users with Twitter Chat 

No matter what you do, without engaging with your users, you can’t increase your conversion rate a lot. You need to be responsive to your followers. Here’s what you should do-

  • Give a quick solution to your users’ problem
  • Give them some alternative suggestions
  • Promote other products of your brand technically

Twitter chat will help you to know your user better. You can create more influence on them and introduce more products personally.

Engage Users with Twitter Chat

Keep Eye on Your Competitors 

Competition is not always a bad thing. It’ll help you to bring your “A game. You can learn a lot from your competitors. You can know how to create and grow a perfect business Twitter profile and how to build a successful Twitter digital marketing strategy.

By analyzing your competitors’ success and failure, you’ll know what step you should take and what move could potentially harm your business. You can create a uniqueness by blending others’ ideas.

Make the Best Use of Twitter 

Twitter offers a variety of ads for you to use. For e-commerce, the best type of ads should be website click campaigns and awareness. It’ll help you to promote your business and increase your conversion rate. 

When you create an ad, you have to make sure that it conveys your message. It has to be sweet, precise, and catchy. 

Use Twitter Analytics

You can also learn from your own performance. By using Twitter analytics, you can see how your different tweets and posts perform over the period. You can then put this knowledge to tailor your content, tweet, and post. You can also retweet by knowing which tweet got the most response.

Use Twitter Analytics

Show Proper Courtesy 

Being humble and courteous is crucial to conduct any kind of business. It’s natural that you may make some error. You shouldn’t worry about it, just admit your mistake. People love honesty. So, if they think you are doing some mistakes, they are very likely to forgive you if they show real remorse on your tweet and feedback.

Final Thoughts

Using Twitter for an e-commerce business is not a very new concept. But, many e-commerce businesses don’t give it proper importance and for that, they lose valuable customers. So, if you make a twitter account for e-commerce business, you should do it right. 

As you can see that many of the techniques mentioned above are not that difficult to do. All you have to give it a little more time and attention. But, if you are looking for a dedicated professional to create content, ad, or tweet for your Twitter, feel free to contact us.