How to set up shipping options for your WooCommerce Store

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The first thing we should look at is the default shipping features in WooCommerce.

The WordPress shipping plugin asks you to set a shipping zone, a method of shipping for the zone, and the costs associated with each method.

You can also set special shipping terms and conditions, such as whether or not free shipping applies to specific shipping classes. Though the shipping zones are the starting point, everything begins with them.

Go to the WooCommerce settings page in your WordPress dashboard.

woocommerce settings

Choose the Shipping tab.

woocommerce shipping settings

The WooCommerce shipping settings can be found here.

Click on the Add Shipping Zone button under the Shipping Zones tab.

woocommerce shipping zones

In your store, you can set shipping zones based on geographic locations. You can establish different shipping costs and methods for different regions with this feature. If you want to offer a discounted shipping rate to all customers in the United States, but charge a higher price to Canadian customers, you might consider doing so.

For your own reference, choose a Zone Name. Additionally, choose a Region for the Zone. Browse the list of possible regions by typing in a search term or using the dropdown menu.

Here are a few examples: Canada and the United States.

woocommerce shipping zones

As well as the individual states through the USA, there are more specific zones for shipping available.

woocommerce shipping zones

After you’ve defined the shipping zone, click the button Add Shipping Method at the bottom of the page.

woocommerce shipping zones

It’s important to specify in each zone what you will charge your customers in that area. You may, for example, choose to offer flat rate shipping for most customers as well as local pick-ups for those within your surrounding area.

Shipping methods by default include:

  • Flat rate
  • Local pickup
  • Free shipping

You can choose one of three shipping methods. For customers who reach a certain price point, a flat rate may be a good place to start. 

woocommerce shipping methods

Save and continue by clicking the Add Shipping Method button. 

woocommerce shipping methods

The shipping methods for each zone are stored under their respective lists. Depending on the type of shipping options you’d like to provide, you can offer multiple shipping methods per geographic zone.

Click on Add Shipping Method again to add another method.

woocommerce shipping methods

One example of such a scenario is offering flat shipping rates for all while providing free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount.

woocommerce shipping methods

To edit each shipping method, you must return to the list of shipping methods after you have created it, and click on the Edit button.

edit woocommerce shipping methods