How to Write a Press Release (in 2022) that Wins Media Coverage

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A business press release is often the first point of contact with the media for your company.

If you can write a compelling, newsworthy press release it could be picked up by local papers and radio stations, as well as online search engines. Alternatively you can use NewsWire services provided by BlueFower Media which features you on 100’s of news publications.

If you can write a compelling, newsworthy press release it could be picked up by local papers and radio stations, as well as online search engines. Alternatively you can use NewsWire services provided by BlueFlower Media which features you on 100’s of news publications.

What are Press Releases?

Press releases are news stories distributed to media outlets, either as a written release or an audio recording, for the purpose of getting publicity. They contain information about recent events that journalists can use as a source for writing articles. 

They might include personal statements from individuals involved in the event like people affected by it, though they’re usually focused on conveying factual details about what happened. Press releases provide background information that gives reporters context for the story and sometimes quotes from experts who can speak authoritatively about this issue. Press releases also often come with photos and videos which can help illustrate aspects of the story like how something occurred or what things looked like when certain events took place.

Press releases are one way people working in the media like print and online journalists keep up with news in their sectors.

A well-written press release can do a lot for your business:

Good public relations and media relations activities generate awareness of the company and its products/services, which enhances prospects of increasing sales. It is also used to inform customers about your latest promotion or new product/service, helping to keep existing customers and increase loyalty.

There are several types of press releases that you can write such as: news release (relates newsworthy information), product release (announces a new product or service), profile release (highlights an individual’s contribution to their field) and event release (announces upcoming events). The type of press release you choose will depend on what you want out of it. For example, if you want to announce a new product or service you’ll probably want to write the release in Q&A format.

People love reading news about what’s happening in their own neck of the woods, so if your business is local, make sure you find out where target customers are reading newspapers and magazines to get them interested in what your business does.

If your press release is not relevant for local/regional interest, run it by the national media first before sending it out locally. If you’re looking for international coverage then contact journalists straight away with an email. If they accept direct pitches they’ll likely be open to receiving your press releases.

The best way to get your business name out there is by getting the attention of journalists so you can place your press release in front of readers. You may be tempted to send a mass email each time you have new news, but this won’t work because most journalists will use an auto response program that will ignore anything not related to the publication’s focus.

To find journalists who are looking for something interesting to write about, contact your local newspaper or trade publications that cover your industry and read their media pages on their websites. For more information search on Google for “[publication] media contacts” (e.g. “Financial Times media contacts”). Get in touch with individual writers if their articles interest you; they might be open to receiving press releases from you.

If your press release is about an event, don’t forget to add all the relevant details in. It should include: title, date/time/place of the event and a short description of what the event is about (just a few sentences).

On our website you will find a simple guide on how to write a business press release, as well as a media kit template form that will make it easier for journalists to contact you if they’re interested in covering your story or using your images or logos before publishing it. We also offer media wire distribution services .

Press releases are also used to announce new jobs or open positions within your firm. They are extremely effective in attracting more employees through producing accurate information on the skills required to fulfill the roles, thus highlighting why someone should join your company.

Guide to writing a Press Release:

  1. Headline: A catchy headline is a great way of grabbing attention in a sea of other media releases, so be creative and have fun with your title. It should include information on what you are announcing but also highlight any key selling points for your company or service. For example, “Announcing the opening of City Radio Station” may not be as effective as “City Radio Station is Open for Business” or “Peel Mortgage Broker Mississauga Expands With its New Head Office in Mississauga ON”.
  2. Introduction: In this paragraph, begin by telling the reader what your press release is about and who it affects from a business perspective e.g. ‘XYZ Limited has been working in partnership with local schools to provide children aged 9-12 with the skills required to run their own business.’.
  3. Body Paragraphs: After this, you should list all the key information about your press release in three body paragraphs.
  4. Conclusion: In this final paragraph, conclude by telling the reader what they can expect next from your company or what you are aiming to achieve with your press release and how it is going to benefit them if they take action (whether that be contacting you or visiting a website/purchasing a product), e.g ‘We hope our latest news will encourage more businesses and schools to work together on new projects; we look forward to working with more organisations soon!’
  5. Contact Details: Lastly, you should put your contact details on the bottom of your press release so that anyone who is interested can contact you.

We specialise in helping businesses achieve maximum exposure with their press releases. Our aim is to help you get noticed by all of the relevant members of the media so that they are excited about what your business has to offer. We write effective, impactful content that journalists will be eager to publish.

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