Why Small Business Should Use Facebook Messenger Bot

Why Small Business Should Use Facebook Messenger Bot

Managing a small business is not easy. You have to handle too many things at a time and 24 hours a day seems a little short of making everything right.

Online marketing has become a significant part of a small business. Facebook page or Instagram account is now an excellent source for quality leads.

However, managing these social media platforms takes time and energy. You have to post quality content, contact customers, take orders, and so many other things.

One of the most crucial parts of handling a Facebook page is that you have to reply to your customer’s queries continuously. You can lose valuable clients if you don’t reply appropriately at the right time.

Luckily, the Facebook messenger bot is here to help you. It will help you to prepare some automated answers for your customers.

Small Businesse Facebook Messenger Bot

What is Facebook Messenger Bot?

A Facebook Messenger bot is software that performs tasks or answers simple questions using artificial intelligence. It’s a very common tactic many companies or businesses use for their Facebook page. It’s a chatbot, providing basic answers to the customer’s questions.

Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, Facebook Messenger is becoming more intelligent, successfully answering very sophisticated questions. It becomes advanced to the point that people have difficulty figuring out whether they are chatting with a human or a bot.

In addition to Facebook Messenger, the Messenger chatbot can be used on WhatsApp and Instagram.


Why Should You Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Your Small Business?

Facebook Messenger can do more than saving time. Here are a few benefits you can get using Messenger bot-

Customer support

Messenger bot offers you excellent customer support for free. It enables you to deliver instant messages to your customers and hold their interests. Messenger bots can answer questions, offer advice, or direct people to web pages or phone numbers.

Messenger bot can save your already busy team from doing repetitive messaging tasks. It also reduces unnecessary loads from your business line. Chatbots can help you with order confirmations, order tracking, and more.

Boost Sales

Facebook Messenger bot is more than a support tool or a communication app. Once you’ve synced the Messenger chat box to your storefront, you can set up a more advanced configuration to boost sales and conversions.

Facebook Messenger bot Boost Sales

Increase Customer Engagement

The brand value and sales of any business largely depend on customer engagement. Facebook Messenger bot can help your business to connect with your targeted audience. You can use a Messenger bot to send reminders to customers who have left items in their cart or who haven’t engaged with you for a certain period.

Expand Your Audience

By utilizing Facebook Messenger, you can increase your audience and engagement. Use a WordPress plugin like WP Chatbot to integrate a Messenger widget into your website and grow your Messenger contacts.

Developing an Effective Messenger Bot Strategy

Developing a strategy is crucial to get the best result from the Facebook Messenger bot. First, define what message you want to deliver to your audience and what operation your bot can handle better.

Here’s what your strategy should include-

Be Transparent

Your bot-message should be clear and concise. Be transparent with your customers. Let them know they are communicating with bots. In that way, they will know what to ask and what not.

Personalize content

A better way to cover your audience’s needs is to segment them and train your bot to ask questions based on their preferences. Rather than offering generic answers, build a bot that provides genuinely helpful information.

Keep Learning

It’s both fascinating and frustrating at the same time that apps like Messenger bot keep changing and improving. More and more features are getting added, and the interface is becoming more user-friendly.

However, you need to keep a close eye on these changes to make the Facebook Messenger bot experience.

Use Messenger Bot Tools

It would help if you were happy to know that there are some tools that you can use to make your Messenger bot experience more fun and simpler-


It focuses more on sales and marketing like selling products, scheduling appointments and building your list through chatbots. Getting started with ManyChat is quick: you’ll have your bot up in minutes!


It is one of the most popular messengers. About 46% of users choose this platform.  With Chatfuel, you can build a chatbot without coding experience to increase sales, reduce costs, and automate support.


Business people can instantly chat with new customers using Messenger, native webchat, and SMS using MobileMonkey. Free Forever edition makes MobileMonkey one of the fastest-growing platforms.

The number of active users on Facebook Messenger is currently 1.2 billion per month. You need to do everything in your arsenal to make the app’s best use to reach this mammoth number of audiences. It’s an excellent interface to drive traffic, increase sales and conversions.