What to Look For in Photos?

Photos play a huge role in every aspects of our life. Whether it’s a personal memory or a commercial purpose, photos can be very useful in every spheres of operation.

In this modern era, photos play a huge role in every aspects of our life. Whether it’s a personal memory or a commercial purpose, photos can be very useful in every spheres of operation. Photos tell a story, often symbolizing the impact that drives within the frame. For businesses, a great photo can grab the customer’s attention while conveying a definitive storyline to the targeted audience.

For personal use, photos can be a great way of storing memories digitally. The visual impact of such photos can be unparalleled, explaining why the popularity of photos have always increased.

So, why do we love photos so much?

Why We Just Love Photos

We are highly visual creatures. We love to visualize things, and a large percentage of our brain is dedicated to visual processing. We get distracted by colors, gradients and illustrations and these can grab our attraction.

Our brains also process photos at an astounding speed. This means that we know what the photo is talking about in seconds.

The visual perception relating to images are truly something that’s phenomenal, and business try to exploit this to their needs.

So, what actually defines a ‘perfect’ photo? Let’s look into some of the things that you can look for in photos.


As I’ve previously said, humans love to visualize. This indicates that the higher resolution (or the level of detailing) in a photo, the better impact it’ll bring. No one wants to look into a pixelated image, rather we want to look into a photo which has a crystal, clear detailing.


Exposure is the brightness or darkness within a photo. It’s something that gives life to the photo. The aperture, ISO and shutter speed of the camera can affect the exposure, so knowing these will help to get the exact exposure you want to achieve. For darker themes, opt in for photos having less exposure.


First of all, exposure and lighting is not the same. Exposure refers to the condition of the total image while lighting only refers to the detailing of the subject. The best way of doing this is making use of natural lighting. This will enhance the looks and give the photo a lot more natural vibe.


If you look closely into the ‘perfect’ photos, you’ll notice one thing – these have an excellent composition. Most photos have proper object balancing, leading lines and framing. These add up to make a proper photo that tells a story.


Humans are naturally drawn to emotions. Photos shows us emotions and the timeless moments into one frame, which explains why these have exceptional emotional value. A ‘perfect’ photo will capture the emotion when it happens, whether it is something that makes us laugh or cry.

Story line

Photos create a visual impact on our brains. The best photos always have a story that’s linked to them. This helps us to visualize the photo better, creating a strong emotion towards the photo. A perfect story within a photo can be achieved if the photo is captured at the right time and has emotions attached to it.

Scope For Imagination

Although most photos feature a pre-told story, some photos may also use imagination to create a bigger impact. Having an unfinished frame can help achieve this phenomenon where the person looking at the photo can carve out a story of their own. This helps to create an emotional attachment to the photo.

Presents An Overlooked Detail

We always meet with exceptional details in our everyday, but more often than not we tend to overlook them. A photo that presents such an overlooked detail can grab the attention of a visitor, which is why it creates a unparalleled impact.

Unique Perspective

Most of us live our lives by viewing the world and our surroundings with relatively the same perspective as all others. This is what makes unique perspectives so interesting to the audience. Having a different perspective can put the target audience in awe and can help them visualize the scenario in the way you want them to see and feel.

Proper Depth Of Field

A professional photo ALWAYS has a certain depth of field. This is particularly important because it helps to focus the photo towards the subject, keeping the background out of focus. Some photos may have lower depth of fields, especially when the subject takes up a larger area in the photo.


Photos are always the best ways to help people visualize. These can have strong impact on our perception. Photos tell a story, often symbolizing the impact that drives within the frame. For businesses, a great photo can grab the customer’s attention while conveying a definitive story line to the targeted audience.

A ‘perfect’ photo will have a number of distinct qualities that will set it apart from the rest. To create an impact, the photo must have excellent resolution, good exposure, lighting and composition while capturing an emotion to create a story line within the photo. It must also have a proper depth of field and can have an unique perspective attached to it, have scope for imagination or can present an overlooked detail.

All of these can help the photo to create a bigger impact on the audience and can convey a message unlike any other photo.

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