Why Customers are Leaving Your Online Store without Making Any Purchase

Why Customers are Leaving Your Online Store without Making Any Purchase

Nowadays, there are too many options for shoppers to buy online. They can easily switch from one online store to another if they don’t like the service.

This is a great thing from the customer perspective but maybe not from the online store owners’ end. They have to deal with these increasingly picky customers.

Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing customer visits to your e-commerce store, filling up a shopping cart, then leaving without a reason.

However, you must know that nothing happens without reason. It’s true that with too many options at hand, customers are becoming a little bit impatient but there must be some lackings from your end too.

If you notice too many shoppers leave your business site without placing an order or trying out your services, it should concern you. Make sure your customers don’t leave your site by avoiding these 4 reasons.

Why Customers are Leaving Your Online Store without Making Any Purchase

Complicated Checkout Process

As I have told you before, online shoppers are not too patient. They want to do their task with as much ease as possible. Give them a little bit of a hard time, and they will not think twice about switching you.

A complicated checkout system is one of the reasons for shoppers to leave online stores. The checkout process caused almost 30% of shoppers to abandon their carts.

There are things you can do to make your checkout system simple and more appealing to your customers-

  • Don’t force your visitors to fill up too much information. It will annoy them, and they may leave the carts.
  • Make it as easy as possible for customers to complete their purchases.
  • Make sure you make return policies, your contact information, and other essential details easily accessible.

Not Enough Product Details

When people buy online, they don’t have a chance to examine the product by themselves. They have to rely on the product photos, info and reviews to buy products online.

Many e-commerce sites don’t give enough information to their product photos. There are just one or two poorly written lines about the products.

It’s not a big problem if your customers already know your products. But many customers are going to buy your products for the first time. They have no choice but to rely on product details and reviews to buy the products.

Not Enough Customer Supports

Poor customer service often leads shoppers to leave the e-commerce store. They don’t get the level of service they expect, and it causes them to look for an alternative.

People have trust issues when they buy something from an online store. They want to make everything as clear as possible before buying. If they find a lack of responses or poor responses, they will lose interest very quickly.

Provide your website with as many contact details as possible so online shoppers know where to find the information they need. You should also add an extensive FAQ where you can answer common questions about shipping, refunds, and store policies.

Your store doesn’t look trustworthy

Trust becomes a bigger issue when people buy online. Many people have bad experiences with online shopping. Even reputed companies sometimes deliver low-quality products.

Moreover, people are sharing their personal information with these e-commerce sites. There are security concerns too.

So, when people buy stuff online, they want to buy from a trusted source. If your store looks not trustworthy for some reason, people are going to leave.

Here are the things you should do to make your store more trustworthy to your customers-

  • Write a clear description of the policies governing return and refunds, shipping, and any other points of confusion or confusion that may arise in the future.
  • Add trust badges and trust seals like SSL certificates, McAfee and Norton security badges, money-back guarantee badges, third-party endorsements to make your site more trustworthy.
  • Give detailed information about the product and shipping.
  • Offer 24/7 customer service.

Online stores make shoppers pickier than ever. After doing everything right, you may still lose customers. It takes time to build up trust and a customer base. Audit your website to make sure you are not making any vital mistakes that make your customer leave your store.