How to Use Twitter to Influence Your Google Search Visibility

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Twitter can be a great tool for making a digital marketing strategy. It can help you to grow your ecommerce business. It is certainly helpful to draw more sales.

But does it have any influence on your google search visibility? Does it have any impact on your SEO? 

I wish I could give you a simple answer. It has been a controversial question for a long time in the digital marketing community. To have a clear idea, you need to know a little bit of history between Twitter and Google.

Google had full access to Twitter’s data stream back in 2009. But, the partnership didn’t last long. As a result, searching Twitter on Google was largely ineffective. 

Fortunately, Twitter and Google struck a deal again in 2015 that gave Google access to Twitter’s firehose of live tweet data. 

Though Google still doesn’t have wholescale access to Twitter for indexation, it is safe to assume that Twitter now obviously has an influence on google search visibility.

Now we may not know for sure the degree of influence, but doesn’t it worth trying Twitter to increase your SEO value?

What to Do on Twitter to Influence Google Ranking

Increasing your Google search visibility is not very different from growing your business Twitter profile. The main idea is to be popular on Twitter. Then it will automatically increase your SEO value. Here are some few tips you can use on Twitter to increase your Google ranking-

What to Do on Twitter to Influence Google Ranking

Be regular on Twitter

This may not much of an advice, but it’s the most crucial thing to do to increase your SEO value. This is not just applicable for Twitter but it is true for everything.

If you want to increase your SEO value, increase the domain authority of your website, you need to be active and regular. Here’s what you shouldn’t forget-

  • You must fill out everything of your Twitter profile because Google needs maximum information to consider your profile as a valid source of information. 
  • You have to share your content on a regular basis. Every tweet gives you the opportunity to get indexed by Google. 

Send out tweets when followers are active

Google always gives priority to maximum engagement. And to ensure maximum engagement, you need to post tweets when your audiences are active. 

Sometimes, a killer content fail to draw attention because of the wrong timing. There is no exact guideline to follow here. But observing the response from your tweet, you should figure out the time when your tweets get more responses.

Include relevant hashtags

Hashtags have become an important way to convey our general message, idea, and opinion on social media. It’s not just Twitter, hashtags have been becoming crucial for Facebook and Instagram. 

A relevant hashtag will help you to get more followers who randomly search for the content on Twitter.

Include relevant hashtags

Make killer content

You should understand by now that social media is all about sensation and trend. People seem to hook on certain subjects for a period of time and then move on to some new subjects. 

You need to understand these current trends and make your content based on those trends. Even if your content is rich and relevant, your audiences may not find it interesting if they find it out of date or out of place.

Follow popular accounts on your niche

You will get to know much more from the popular accounts on your niche than anything else. You will know what content you should make, how can you improve your language and design, what kind of hashtag you should use, and many more things.

You also manage to target your targeted audiences by simply following these popular accounts. You also get to know your audiences’ choice, liking, and disliking by reading the comments.

Include your Twitter account everywhere! 

Google is all about linking different websites and social media platforms. So, it will always be preferred if you can manage to make more connections and more links. 

So, try to include and link your Twitter on your website, blog, and other social media platforms. It will channel more followers into your Twitter and Google, of course, will take it positively.

Partner up with influencer

This is not a beginner level tip. If you have enough budget and want to increase your influence more, then you should think about partnering with an influencer.

As the influencer has thousands or million followers, their tweet will add much more value. It’s a great strategy if you want to increase your follower count in a very short time.

Try automation for sharing posts

The right time is crucial for sharing posts on Twitter. It’s better if you can manage it with automation. It will help you to manage your post better and you don’t have to worry about employing someone to post it for you.

Final Thought

The way things are going, there is a huge possibility that Twitter is going to expand it’s collaboration with Google. As both of them are giant in the online universe, it’s a win win for every party. We may rely on Google for information but when it comes to expressing opinion, following trends and checking current fashion and style, many of us rely on Twitter.

So, you need Google to increase your website’s visitors and Twitter to increase your popularity among the visitors. So what could be more beneficial for you to combine these two to increase your website’s visibility and popularity. If you want to learn some more cool SEO tricks and tips, don’t forget to contact us.