The benefits of Twitter Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020

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Twitter digital marketing has been becoming a powerful digital marketing tool over the year. As of January 2020, approximately 6.88 million people in Canada actively use Twitter. The number is quite high if you consider the total population of Canada. Twitter has been proved a highly efficient platform to build a brand image, increase brand awareness, and boost conversions for the business.

You don’t have to be an expert to understand the overwhelming influence that Twitter has on news, public opinion and reaction, pop culture, and practically every aspect of our lives. The prospect of Twitter digital marketing is unlimited. Imagine reaching over 326 million users globally every month without any cost. This would be sound unbelievable even a decade ago.

So, in this age of Twitter mania, as a businessman or business strategist, you must have good knowledge about the benefits of Twitter digital marketing to step up your game. Now, if you think that twitter marketing is just twitting and following, then you are far from right. Besides quality content, you need to understand what Twitter marketing is and what tricks and tips you can implement to improve your marketing policy.

What is a Twitter Digital Marketing Strategy?

A twitter digital marketing strategy is a strategy to create, publish, and distribute content for your customers, targeted buyers, promoters, followers, and potential consumers. The goal is simple here, attracting your targeted people. If you have a solid strategy, you can easily create a brand value and increase your sale. 

In a non-digital platform, you may need a huge amount of money and resource to create the same impact. So, before divulging into the benefit of Twitter marketing, we should follow the following steps-

  • Research your potential customers and audiences.
  • Make meaningful, unique, and engaging content.
  • Select some fixed time to post your content.
  • Reevaluate your achievement, impact, and results.

This is pretty must true for other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

What is a Twitter Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why Twitter Digital Marketing Unique?

Twitter shows an unprecedented result in digital marketing in a short time. Why it is so impactful? It’s because it’s unique, engaging, and extremely user friendly. Here’s what makes Twitter marking unique-

  • It’s free!
  • Instant content sharing and brand promoting opportunity.
  • Expanding your reach in a short time.
  • Proving quick customer support.
  • Can be used as a search engine for you to research your competitors.
  • Allow you to communicate with your customer in a very engaging manner.

Now that we have an idea about what twitter marketing is, let’s have a look at how to use it on business promoting purpose.

How to Use Twitter For Marketing

These are the following steps that you must follow if you want to convert your Twitter into a successful marketing campaign.

Customize and brand your profile

When people see your Twitter account, they must have a clear idea about your business at a glance. Any ambiguity may cost you many valuable customers. That’s why you need to customize and brand your profile right away-

  • First, you should choose a username. It’s called Twitter handle. It should be your company name. Then your customers, your followers, and others can usually find your platform.
  • Then, select a background image. It should be the image that reflects your company the most. Generally, the company logo or branded image is suitable for you to use.
  • Then, the profile picture. You can use the photos of the office or the initial of your company name or the logo.
  • In Bio section, write something interesting about your company and purpose. It shouldn’t be too serious and uptight. I think it would be fun to be a little bit humorous here.
  • Right beneath your profile picture and bio, you’ll find a location where you can include your website URL so that people can redirect to your website from your Twitter page.
  • Then in the birthday section, insert the day when your company was founded.

Make Twitter list

You can select and put together a list of Twitter accounts in an organized group. You can create many groups and give them specific names like competitors, model companies, etc. That’s how you can easily keep track of your competitors and create a strategy for your own business. In short, you can improvise a new plan out of your competitors.

Arrange a Twitter Chat

To be more engaging, you can schedule and host a Twitter chat with your followers. In order to engage in a meaningful engaging chat, you need to choose an interesting relevant topic, set a time, and create a hashtag for the chat. 

Advertise on Twitter

To make your Tweets easily discoverable to the thousand, you should advertise through Twitter. This way you can also increase your influence and following. The best way to do this is to Tweeter ads or promote your tweets.

  • Tweeter ads: Your tweeter ads account is linked to your Twitter handle. Remember that the tweeter ads will be useful if you have a highly active target audience. 
  • Promoted Tweets: It makes your tweet appear on the Twitter search result for specific users or Twitter streams. This is a great option to catch new customers.

Channel traffic to your website

Attaching your URL link right under your Bio is not the only option to drive the traffic to your website. You can do more-

  • Insert the link of your website to your tweets.
  • Post your website’s blog link on Twitter.
  • Retweet any tweet that includes a direct link to your website.
  • Attach tweets on your site with a Twitter Timeline.
  • Set up twitter ads in a way that will drive your user to a specific landing page of your website.

Use Twitter moment

These are curated stories about what’s going on around the world. You can easily create your own story with Twitter Moment. This section can include “News”, “Today”, “Fun” and “Entertainment”.

The Twitter moment is very useful for promoting your business and increasing your brand image.

Use Twitter moment

Get Verified 

You must be seeing blue marks on different Twitter pages. These are the verified Twitter accounts. Depending on the size of your company and your nature of the business, you should apply for the verification. And what are the benefits of a verified account? Well, it makes you more authentic. Your audience will put more trust in your company. You can also drive out imposters in this way.

Focus on building more followers

In the end, more followers will make your Twitter account more significant. Increasing followers is like a chain reaction. The more followers you have, the more exposure you will get and then it attracts more followers. So, increasing your targeted followers should be a priority. To do that, ensure to do the following steps-

  • Use relatable hashtags.
  • Make sharable contents.
  • Create attractive content.
  • Interact with your current followers.

Final Thought

There is no doubt that online marketing will see an unprecedented booming in the upcoming year. Now that the COVID- 19 pandemics is terrorizing the world, people will be more dependent on social media marketing. No matter what type of business you have, Twitter can be very useful if you invest time in it.

But, the road is not always rosy. As this platform gives a whole new exposure, it has some negative sides too. You must assume that other competitors are also trying to use Twitter to achieve their goals. The consumers are now getting more options than ever. They are not as patient as before. They can turn you off in one click. So, you need to provide the best quality and be the best in your game.

If you still feel shaky to venture your luck on Twitter, we can help you. With our expert team of digital marketers and designers, we can help you to promote your business in online platforms. We can take your burden of creating smart social media strategy, engaging content, powerful blog, and unique ads for your website, Twitter page, Facebook page, Instagram page, and other important digital platforms.