8 Easiest Ways to Gain More Twitter Followers

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Who doesn’t want more followers on Twitter? More followers mean more exposure. More exposure means more influence. Whether you are in an eCommerce business or you are a professional blogger, Twitter is going to provide you with invaluable customers or visitors.

Twitter is very interactive and user friendly. If you are consistent and innovative, gaining Twitter followers is not that tough. Some tips and tricks are easy to follow but very effective to draw followers in no time.

I like to remind you that there is no spamming or dishonesty involved in these tricks and tips. There is no need for that. If you are consistent and stick to the rule, you can build a Twitter fan base in a quite short time.

Fix Your Tweeting Schedule

Consistency is crucial to building something strong. If you want to get popular with your audience, you need to tweet regularly in a fixed time. Now, you may wonder why you need a specific time for tweeting? Well, it’s like broadcasting a TV show. You need to telecast the program on a specific day and time. Otherwise, your audience would miss it.

The same thing is true for tweeting. By tweeting in a specific time, you’ll create an expectation among your audience. They’ll know when to expect your tweet. The idea is simple here. You need to install a habit of expecting your tweet to your audience.

Post More Visual Content

The digital era is changing. People are getting used to visual stuff more and more. In other words, people are getting lazy as social media and search engines are becoming more convenient and user friendly. People hate to read a long description these days.

You have to work hard to make your content more interesting and engaging. Visual content proves to be more engaging and for this right reason is getting popular day by day. So, if you want to remain competitive, you need to resort to visual content.

Post More Visual Content

Put More Stats, Figures, and Information

Tweets get cold very quickly. There are tons of tweets out there. So, it’s become quite a challenge to grab people’s attention. If you share something newsworthy or informative, you can get your audiences for a few seconds. They might comeback for your content.

The importance of stats, figures, and info is huge. You want to shock or surprise your audiences. You need to give something that they would think about later. For example, if you share info like, ” chimpanzees share 98% DNA with us”. Now for many people, this could be shocking and surprising news. But, you must also remember that your shared information should be related to your niche.

Harness Hashtagging Skill

The hashtag is a real deal. When you use a hashtag, it actually becomes linked to all other tweets that use that particular hashtag. So, you can see that making proper use of a hashtag can really draw more Twitter followers.

The hashtag also gives a tweet it’s context. Your audience will understand easily what your tweet is about. It also gives tweet longevity. If anyone searches the hashtag you use on your tweet, they will eventually find your tweet.

There are a few things you need to remember if you want to make a useful tweet-

  • Though hashtags are not case sensitive, you should use uppercase and lowercase letters both. Adding uppercase letters could make the hashtag more readable; #BottleCapChallenge Vs. #bottlecapchallenge
  • Use a hashtag to your order confirmation or product packaging page. You should also encourage your customers to use that hashtag.
  • Don’t use too many hashtags. It could create confusion.

Tag, Retweet & Reply

These are what we can call real engagement with your Twitter followers. If you don’t engage with others, you don’t expect them to engage back. If you become less active on Twitter, you’ll see your engagement is starting to drop. You’ll start to lose your Twitter followers. If you want to increase your conversion rate, you need to master the art of tweeting, retweeting, and tagging.

Tagging is pretty simple. Sometimes it could bother your clients. So, you need to tag carefully and create interesting content that they may feel good to tag with. You should also be responsive as much as possible. People love to get responses.

Tag, Retweet & Reply

Optimize Your Profile for New Twitter Followers

The first impression lasts long. If your audiences don’t find your Twitter profile interesting and professional, they’ll not put their trust in you. Here are some tricks you can use to attract new followers-

  • Use the best and most relevant photos for your profile picture
  • Pin your finest tweet to the top of your feed.
  • Add relevant keywords
  • Add detailed location information


Follow Your Targeted Audiences

Following your audiences can be really helpful. If you follow someone, there is a chance that he can follow you back. There is a follow limit. You can follow 400 Twitter accounts per day. But if you have a verified account, you can follow 1000 accounts every day. It’ll also help you to increase your Google search visibility.

Use Your Blog to Promote Your Twitter Page

You can use your blog to increase your popularity on Twitter. Your blog and Twitter page can mutually benefit one another and help you to draw more visitors. You should link your Twitter to your website page and promote your blog to your Twitter page.


Once you master all the tricks and tips about Twitter engagement, your eCommerce marketing will experience an unprecedented boost. Getting followers on Twitter is just like a chain reaction. The more you gain followers, the more it’ll become easy for you to get more followers.

But, that doesn’t mean that the job is easy. It needs consistency, hard work, and unique content to amass followers on Twitter. There are some fishy ways you can use to gain some quick followers. But, it’ll not work in the end. You’ll need targeted followers who are interested in your niche. So, just adding some new followers is not going to help you.

If you think you need someone dedicated to manage your Twitter account and gain more followers, feel free to contact us.